On the Montessori Shelf

I have changed my shelves about three times since I had last posted here.  I find it so tricky to document as well as plan and create all that we do.  If you notice the level of the materials have changed a little to include things for "E." our one year old.   Here is a quick look of what we have going on right now on our shelves.  
The first game is a chip trading place value activity.  I will go into the details of how to play this game in the math section.  
These are a set of fake cuisanaire rods.  The boys have to make ten by creating different combinations with he rods.
These are Melissa and Doug spelling flash cards.  The children use find the wooden letters to spell each of the words   and place them in the appropriate slots.  For three year olds I find this is good for letter identification more than spelling.  
These are sound boxes.  The object is to shake one red cylinder and find the blue cylinder that sounds the same. 
 This is an open and close activity for my one year old.  The three year olds like it as well.  It is wonderful for fine motor skills.  

These are two sets of stackers for our one year old.  The object for the one is graduated size and shape, but the other each piece has to be placed on in a particular way to fit.  Good for fine motor, hand eye coordination, and math skills such as sorting and sizing.  
This is a paper doll matching game.  Each side of the blocks have a different doll and outfit.  They can be stacked or just matched.  Perfect for little ones.   

My shelves are not all that exciting....I have collected ideas from various places for these activities and have decided to post them in case it saves someone else some legwork.  As you can see I have the metal insets tray and paper, (you can't see the insets, as they are above) and the wooden cylinder blocks.  Both of these are common Montessori materials.  The other activities were made.

The first homemade activity is this bolt board.  My dad made two of these as a gift for my boys.  He used a bamboo cutting board for the base.  The boys love using the real tools to screw the bolts in and out.

This is a homemade "Keep it Steady" game that I found directions for on http://chasingcheerios.blogspot.com.  It is basically like pick up sticks with a twist.  You roll the die and take a stick that matches the color out of the napkin ring.  The object is to collect as many sticks as you can without the ring falling down.  It can be played independently or in a group.

The domino parking lot game transforms dominos into mini cars.  My boys love this.  The object is to count the number of dots on the domino and then park it in the proper parking spot.

This features the sandpaper letter "T."  First take a mini object out of the jar that starts with T and place it in the sorter, then match the card to the object.  Trace the T and say the sound and then the name of each object.

This activity I found on http://mommyme-thewonderyears.blogspot.com.  The object is to use the magnet to pick up various metal objects in the bottle and bring them up to the top.  I threw in a few metal buttons that floated so that they needed to be brought down the the bottom.

This activity I found on http://adayofwonders.blogspot.com/.  The object is to string the silk leaves onto the ribbons and make a pattern.

A big thanks to all the bloggers that post these activities.  It is so helpful!