Monday, May 2, 2011

Nature Study- Wildflowers

We did not have to go far to find nice specimens for this study.  Simple lawn wildflowers are a source for all kinds of questions and answers.  We began with Dandelions.  It was cloudy today, so the flowers were closed up to some degree.  We measured several batches in our yard ranging from one inch to eight and a half.  We could not find any that were going to seed.

Yes, Dandelions are pesky.... but they are also a great source of beauty.

 They have such sunny, happy faces.   
 These purple gems I have known as Creeping Thyme.  My lawn is full of it.  When we mow the field the air is permeated with its sweet smell.  The boys were quick to snatch up samples of these tiny purple beauties.
 We also have many patches of wild Violets.  Both purple ...
 and white.
Here is a mystery flower we are yet to name.  It is quite small growing only about two inches high.

 This is a small patch near the fence.  If you know the name... please let us know.
 We collected samples to draw in our nature journals.  Today we used water color pencils to create our sketches.
 "T" chose Violets for his journal entry.  
"I" went with the Dandelion.  


Zonnah said...

I love the sketches!
I really want to plant thyme in my grass now so that I can smell it when I mow, lol.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I love a good mystery...I have never seen your white flower. Thyme in your lawn is a great sensory experience I'm fragrances in the garden.

Thank you for sharing your outdoor time and your watercolor journals. Great job.