Monday, April 11, 2011

Nature Study- Spring Weather

Spring is finally here!  We are so excited to be out in the warmer temperatures.  The grass is just starting to green up and the last of the snow is melting.  This week we are focusing on spring weather.  Before we ventured out to investigate we built upon our prior knowledge of weather.

First we read the book ...
What's the Weather Today? (Rookie Read-About Science)

We also discussed the water cycle through a slideshow called  "Drippy".   We completed a series of simple experiments to understand evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.  

We just used our tea kettle to boil some water and look for steam.  That was our example of evaporation.  Then we used a cold cookie sheet that we placed in front of steam to create condensation.  We collected the drips of water to discuss precipitation and condensation.  

We also used some cotton balls to demonstrate how clouds collect condensation and then precipitate.  The cotton balls were our "clouds."  We used a cookie sheet with water as our ocean.  The boys hovered the "clouds" over the ocean to allow the "condensation" to collect.  The boys enjoyed comparing the dry cotton ball to the heavy wet one.  Squeezing the water from the cotton ball to make rain was quite popular.  

We ventured outside just as it was beginning to rain.  The boys looked at the drops on the driveway and in our empty fountain.  They caught some in their hands.  
We felt the wind at our backs and recognized what direction it was coming from.  The thermometer showed us that it was 60 degrees.  

When it was time to record our findings the sun and a bit of blue sky showed its beautiful face.  

We ended up enjoying some time outside and skipped our notebook pages for today.  


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

What a great time you had observing your weather. I love that you are teaching your children to be so observant about things most people don't even notice like wind direction.

They are going to be such great naturalists as they grow up just by being aware of their surroundings more than the average person.

Thanks so much for sharing your link!

Sally said...

(sorry for the poor typing -- typing while nursing!)
What an enjoyable post! I found you through our common link-up at Handbook of Nature Study! Its so much fun to experience these things with our young chilren -- we are so blessed to have this opportunity!

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

What a sweet study! I love the time to observe with the kiddos outdoors. Thanks for sharing!

Sparklee said...

What a wonderful way to study the water cycle and wind! Looks like a lot of fun!