Monday, April 4, 2011

Nature Study- Shapes in Nature

Spring still has not arrived for us in upstate New York.  As much as I would love to be following "The Outdoor Hour" spring series, we will have to wait for a few more weeks to catch up.  In the mean time we are getting out and exploring more of our yard as it is slowly being unearthed from snow and revealed by rain.  Our focus this week is on shapes in nature.

We used a worksheet to get our mind thinking about what we might see.  Securing the chart on a clipboard, we slipped our rubber boots on enjoyed a short break in the rain for our exploration.  Here are some photos of what we found.
hydrangea flower - example of veining and oval
Circular animal hole

Horse Nettle Berries - sphere shape (and poisonous)

Fungus - half circle shape

Hyacinth - scales 

bulbs sprouting - triangular shaped leaves

Heart shaped leaf

We collected each of the items we found and brought them into the house to create our journal entries.  We also realized that there were things in our refrigerator that were also examples of shapes in nature, such as eggs, strawberries, and spinach leaves.  Our science table is currently set up with a magnet exploration, but below it we have bins of our collected finds from our nature walks. We grabbed two of our bins and looked for more shapes in nature.

The boys each cut and pasted the worksheet labels on a piece of scrapbooking paper.  Then they selected one item from the table that represented each of the shapes to draw.  They connect a line from the label to the represented shape.

 We will be following up on this study by reading
A Star in My Orange: Looking for Nature's Shapes

We will also work on some printing with various fruits and veggies later in the week.  

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