Monday, March 14, 2011

Nature Study - Early Spring Flowers

I have so much to post I just can't keep up.  We have been very busy collecting and boiling maple sap, researching mammals, watching our recently emerged swallowtail butterfly, and studying early spring flowers.  I decided to start this week with the flower post.  Hopefully the others will follow.  

When I first purchased the winter series and winter wednesday e-books, I was so excited to see that the flower study was at the close of the book.  I realized that if we made it through...that spring would be at the end.  As I am typing and looking out the sunny window, there are huge snowbanks covering our planted bulbs.  Not exactly spring.  

This was a great excuse to run down the the grocery store and buy a nice selection of spring flowers for our study.  We bought three types to investigate.  
and daffodils

The first to explore the flowers was our new pet; 
 a swallowtail butterfly.  We watched intently as he used his proboscis to probe the flowers.  If you have been following our blog, this was the caterpillar that we found last fall.  Here is the related post


We basically have created spring in our house!  We compared and contrasted the blooms, stems, and leaves.  The boys created drawings for each of the flowers.  

We will be following up on this post once our snow is melted and our garden comes back to life.  For now our indoor "spring" will have to do.  


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Doesn't it just make you happier to see a daffodil? Ours are in full bloom right now and I brought probably three dozen inside and now it feels like spring inside and I smile every time I walk by the vases of flowers.

Color and a butterfly...that is what I enjoyed most from your post. Thank you so much for your positive attitude and for sharing your link.

So do you have any signs of spring? Buds on trees? Just curious because we have had the beginnings of spring for a couple weeks now.

Phyllis said...

Lovely post. I love that you took us from the nursery to their journals. The butterflies are amazing.

Amy said...

Hey Barb -
No real signs of spring except the sap running and the warmer sun. The snow is slowly creeping back to expose a bit of frozen earth. That is about it. This has been a pretty traditional weather year for us. The last few have been mild....we are all a bit impatient for spring.