Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Challenge #1 Cattails

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It was a bit snowy and chilly this morning, but that did not hinder us from diving right into today's winter challenge.

We just got about a foot of snow, a big contrast from last week's snow-less outing.  All bundled up it was challenging for the boys to walk across our field to the cattails.  Fortunately it wasn't very far.

Even the baby was up for it,as long as she got to ride. 

When we approach the area of our yard, the boys were surprised at how we could walk right into the usually wet and mucky brush.

Our cattails were still looking pretty good, as not many had burst open.  

This one was fully opened.  Much different looking from the others.  

We noticed that the cattails were not in water, and that the stalks, leaves, and undergrowth all looked golden tan.  We selected a few samples to bring inside for investigation and to complete our notebook pages.
We discussed the texture, shape, and color of each cattail.  The boys descriptions varied from a fuzzy tail to a hot dog.  Both agreed that the open flower was very fluffy.  I once read about a man who made boots out of birch bark and lined them with cattails.    We pondered how this plant could keep someone warm.

T noticed that every time he picked up the cattail it would release its "fluffies."  We took a closer look at each noticing the seeds.  We learned how this plant uses the wind to distribute them.

Here are our final notebook pages.  Our drawing is getting better and better!


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

What a difference a week makes! Look at all that snow and you still got over to your cattails to observe! Great job on getting outdoors and then the follow up study.

Thank you so much for sharing your link with the OHC. I would love to use one of your photos as the OHC Photo of the Week....please let me know if that is okay with you.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOVE the boys journal pages! They do a great job!


See Jamie blog said...

A foot of snow! Love how the cattails look with snow on them. And wonderful journal pages!