Monday, December 27, 2010


This morning we woke up to a few inches of snow from the storm that came up the coast.We caught the tail end of the storm, which only accumulated to about four inches.  This is really not much snow for us, but for the boys it is a big deal.   I wasn't sure that we were going to do our nature study today, but once I saw the snow I realized that we could do some informal "study."

We bundled up with all our gear and headed out into the winter wonderland.

As the boys walked through the yard they discussed the texture and weight of the snow.  This snowfall was very light and fine.  Each of them tried to make a snowball and realized that it wasn't the right kind of packing snow.  Of course this also meant no snowman this time around.  After some further exploration "I" decided to lay down in the snow.  

The snow actually seemed to pack when laid on, so this meant that it would be good for sledding.  It was really fast.  The boys took a few turns up and down the hill before they were absolutely frozen.  We headed back inside for some warm milk and a few snow crafts.  
Each boy painted a snowy picture with a combination of white paint and sugar to make it textured and sparkly.  They colored and glued a sled into their "snow."  
As we were working, I found myself humming the old song "Snow!" from the movie White Christmas.  As a little treat we watched the skit on YouTube.  If you haven't seen this movie, it is a holiday season must... Here is the clip.  

Then we settled down with some scissors and white paper and cut out some snowflakes.  We came up with many different designs.  

This was a pretty informal study for us today, but for a holiday week it kept us focused on learning about God's creation.  

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