Monday, December 20, 2010

Homemade Gifts

This week we are taking a break from our nature study in order to get ready for Christmas.  I thought it might be nice to share a few of the handmade gifts that we have been working on for the children in the family.

The first gift was inspired by some blocks that I found on  These are vintage paper doll blocks for my boys.  Each side featured a different outfit for the boy from the 1920s.  Here are some sample outfits.  Most of the sides line up to make crazy outfits too.

I downloaded the doll for a dollar, decoupaged them to maple blocks that I had painted with acrylics.  For about $8.00, they have a one of a kind gift that I hope they will love.

The second gift is one for my sweet little niece who will receive a play kitchen this Christmas.  They are felt strawberries.

Simply made from wool felt scraps, bamboo stuffing, and embroidery floss, these will surely prove to be a favorite.  Ours have been played with so much that they are starting to show some holes.

The gift that has taken the most time this season has been what is usually termed a Waldorf inspired doll.  This one was made for my daughter.

Let me just say it has been a labor of love.  The hours that have gone into this makes me realize why they are so expensive to buy.  I made my own pattern for the head and body, used fine quality knit for the skin, wool and mohair for the hand hooked hair, and made the clothes.  It really has been fun.  The boys have made some gifts as well, but we will share what we did after Christmas so we don't spoil any surprises.  Have a wonderful Christmas.

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tlc said...

I am reading your blog and blown away by each entry! Amy, you are an amazing mom and teacher! Thank you for the inspiration. I hope your kiddos and niece loved the homemade gifts. WOW!!
love you, TLC