Monday, October 18, 2010

Leaf Math

After our nature study on leaves we had a large bag sitting around the house and plenty more out in the yard.  I decided that our math this week should use these as a fun manipulative.  The focus skill of sorting and sizing fit very nicely.

First we sorted the leaves into rough piles of small, medium, and large.  We then laid out a large roll of craft paper and ordered the rough piles from smallest to greatest.  This was challenging at times due to the fact that the leaves have various widths.

Our second leaf sort was by color.  I placed construction paper of each leaf color on the table and the boys selected one leaf at a time and placed it on the appropriate paper.  Some leaves were more than one color, so there was much discussion about where they would go.   We concluded with a final count of each color.


Phyllis said...

What fun! What a lovely way to celebrate the fall season and learn math concepts too.

Melissa said...