Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Check Out This Spider

Today was a perfect day for raking.  The sky was blue, the leaves dry, and the weather just comfortably crisp.  While I was soaking up the experience in the front yard, my son "T" came running up to me.... "Mom, mom...I found an 'aminal'!"  He began describing the "aminal" to me as a yellow guy with brown legs.  I dropped my rake and followed him to the driveway where he found his discovery.  I was shocked to see this spider.  I have never seen one before, which of course made me want to find a container.  I begged the boys not to touch their find.  I did not know if it would bite or if it were venomous.

We collected it into one of our many bug containers and brought it inside for identification.  It seems to be a spider called a Marbled Orb-Weaver.  Thankfully it is a harmless.  It was not that easy to identify due to the fact that the markings can vary a great deal.   These close ups show the orange body with the distinctive markings.  It is really quite beautiful.  What is also unique is the size of the back on this spider.  It is hard to appreciate in the close up photos.

Here is a view into its temporary container.  It is sitting next to a dead housefly to give you an idea of scale.  I am always amazed at how many things we learn when we are not even trying.   I love how the boys are such keen observers.  They really keep me on my toes.


Phyllis said...

Oh, my! That is some spider. With its bright color,I would have thought it posionious, too. It certainly is a fat one.

Hollinger Family said...

That is one disturbing spider! yikes.... but so cool at the same time... as long as it is not in my back yard! ;^)